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Our most popular micronutrients
in pure form and plastic-free packaging.

Viele Vitalstoffe von Sanutrition

Sanutrition = Healthy food
Natural. Pure. Sustainable

Sanutrition Vitalstoffe Hohe Qualität


Together with our partners we pay attention to the highest quality for
for our customers.

Sanutrition Vitalstoffe Ohne Zusätze

Pure substances

We deliberately avoid any additives and offer only pure products.

Sanutrition Vitalstoffe Vegan


We are committed
passionate about the development of vegan supplements.

Sanutrition Vitalstoffe Plastikfrei


For the sake of the environment
we rely on a
paper packaging.

Sanutrition Vitalstoffe Regional


Our manufacturer
sends the products directly from the
manufactory to our customers.

Die Produkte von Sanutrition

Our plastic and aluminum free packaging.
Good for you, better for the planet.

Sanutrition Vitalstoffe- nachhaltig verpackt

The health of our customers is very important to us. Plastic and health go together only with difficulty. Our dietary supplements support you in a healthy lifestyle and that thanks to our specially developed paper packaging completely without plastic and aluminum.

A study by the WWF found that we ingest up to 5 grams of plastic, in the form of microplastics, through our food every week. So we eat the equivalent of one credit card a week. This is anything but healthy and can cause long-term damage and illness. Find out how this plastic gets into our food in our microplastics blog.

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