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Our mission

We are a health startup based in Gars am Inn (near Munich). With our products we primarily want to support people, like you, on their way to health.

While more and more people attach great importance to their own health, they often forget that especially now we also need to pay attention to keeping our environment healthy. Therefore, we believe that the health of people should not contribute to the suffering of our planet.

Our motivation

Together we can help reduce single-use plastic, because every consumer has the power to change existing systems. Each individual can decide for him/herself which products he/she consumes and thus has a direct influence on the production chain.

Large quantities of plastic end up in our environment every day. This plastic will sooner or later decompose into microplastics, causing enormous damage to our natural environment (read more in our microplastics blog).


Our motivation is to help people lead healthy, ethical, sustainable and vegan lifestyles and provide them with nutritional products that are good for them and the planet.

We want to support and satisfy our customer in leading a healthy lifestyle. That is why we are constantly developing our products and
expand our product range.

For us, nutritional supplement redesign has always been about more than just combining great ingredients – it’s about partnering with companies who care about their supply chain as much as we do. We have worked tirelessly to find the right partners who meet our standards.

In our product formulations, we combine high-quality active ingredients with the best bioavailability and tolerability. In our product list you will find not only mono-substances, but also active substance units developed by medical experts, i.e. the pure substance you are looking for combined with synergistically acting nutrients for integrative absorption into the body.

Our goal

We want to make it as easy as possible for people to live a sustainable lifestyle.

Our goal by 2030 is to save 100,000 tons of plastic waste through pure paper packaging. In addition, we want to reforest the trees we need for packaging production.

Why Sanutrition dietary supplements? Below you will learn why SANUTRITION products are just right for you.

Premium quality

  • Use of carefully selected raw materials
  • Active ingredient complexes with best synergies
  • Ingredients with the highest bioavailability
  • Prescription writing with years of medical experience
  • Easy to take and very well tolerated.

Things that we place the highest value on and that mean PREMIUM QUALITY to us.

Premium quality

Actually, it should be self-evident to offer food without any additives!

Nevertheless, it should be mentioned again at this point that we only offer pure products, as we do not use additives and release agents such as magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide, titanium dioxide or aluminum in our handmade production.

These are ingredients in tablets and capsules that are very often used in mass production to facilitate production. We do not use these additives, some of which are harmful.

Consistent renunciation of plastic

We have been working on packaging that is 100% plastic-free and made from renewable raw materials.

No plastic, no biodegradable plastic, no bio-based plastic, no aluminum: instead, 100% cardboard as a mono-material. Of course, our sanupacks are certified and keep the products super fresh.

You just want to throw away the packaging?

Go – but our Sanupacks can be recycled or reused. We have many examples of how they can be reused: for example, as flower pots, pen holders, coffee pots or as money boxes!

Regionality and short delivery routes

We are grateful to have a trustworthy and very
competent family business for the production of our products in Salzburg (Austria).

Here, in an HACCP-certified manufactory, food supplements are still produced by hand using gentle production technologies.

It is important to us to keep the supply chain as short as possible.
therefore all products are produced in one place, packed and shipped to our customers right from there.

High quality

We select our raw materials carefully and use only the best quality raw materials for Sanutrition® products.


Our climate-friendly sanupacks® are made of paper and thus completely eliminate plastic.


Gluten, flavorings, sweeteners, colorings, preservatives, lactose, anti-caking agents & GMO.


You can optimally complement your vegan diet with the vegan Sanutrition® products.


Sanutrition® products are produced and packaged regionally in Bischofshofen, Salzburg (Austria).

Our small team

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